Wright, Richard H

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You don't need to know everything, but do you know their date of birth? Or, just the year?
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Richard H. Wright, born July 13, 1851, died March 4, 1929. 

Per "Durham and Her People," 1951:

Was once associated with the Dukes but sold out in 1885. Travelled all over the world in interest of automatic cigarette machine, of which he was a large owner. Equipped first cigarette factory in China. Returned to Durham and became utility magnate: telephone, electric power, and street car. Established Wright's Refuge and donated to Louisburg College. Founded Wright's Automatic Machinery Company, and pioneered in automatic packing machines.

We have photos from land behind our neighborhood of several buildings... One that says RH Wright 1895. Trying to research to see what the buildings were once used for and if there was a homestead located close by.

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