762-764 Ninth

36.009912, -78.921882

Cross Street
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Looking southeast, 1940s.
(Courtesy Durham County Library / North Carolina Collection)

762-764 Ninth St., the bookend to the two-story structures at the Perry St. end of the Ninth St. commercial strip, appears to have been built in the late 1920s. It initially housed Whitmore’s Bakery at 762 and Mack’s Food Shop at 764. Upstairs tenants appear to have been residential.


762 Hoke Telev & Radio Serv
Lee’s Watch Repr Shop
764 Jakes Inc sporting gds


762 Lee’s Watch Repair Shop
764 Brown’s Auto Supply Co

764 Sloan Auto Parts Inc

The store remained Sloan's Auto Parts through the 1980s and 1990s.

762-764 Ninth, 1980.

As of 2009, the building housed Stitch Doctor Embroidery at 764 Ninth and A1 Mail Stop Shoppe at 762 Ninth.

762-764 Ninth, 04.05.09 (G. Kueber)

This building was renovated in late 2014-early 2015.

01.11.15 (G. Kueber)


Actually, based on that photo, I'd say that it hasn't housed Stitch Doctor Embroidery for quite some time... the upstairs looks pretty empty too. It's a shame if they can't find a good tenant for that space.

It's a shame the owner allows the property to look this way. There may be cause and effect on why a good tenant is not occupying the space.

Myers Sugg

I don't know about Stitch Doctor, but I recall that several years ago -- maybe around 2003 or 2004, my daughter's school class or Brownie group or somebody were given a tour of H&K in the upstairs there, which was owned by one of the kid's parents. They do silk-screens and t-shirts and such -- and I think they embroidered shirts and caps (hence the Stitch Doctor?). It looked just like this from the outside -- pretty forbidding -- yet they were full of employees, and seemed very busy with presumably remunerative activity.

I believe the buildings are older than the 1920s. Sanborn maps show them present in 1913 I believe and the historic district inventory suggest they were built around 1910.

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