Hillandale School

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Hillandale School, 1950s
(Courtesy The Herald-Sun Newspaper)


I went to school here from 1977-1982.  I remember it as a pleasant experience.  Apparently when it was built there was an upper and lower auditorium.  I remember the lower auditorium was converted into the library.  I had first grade in the smaller building that still is on the site.  There is an obviously newer building on the site now.  I guess the building that would be the older one now, was the cafeteria.  I got my first introduction to square pizza and mystery meat in that cafeteria.

I loved the time I spent there.  I moved away from Durham from 1992-2003 and I was disappointed when I came back to see that the school was demolished.  I remember the old yellow gym out back.  It was closed and only used for storage by my time.  I do remember going in it one time.  I will never forget the old basketball goals or the old fashioned scoreboard.

One thing that does stick with me is finding cinders the old boilers would throw out onto the playground.  It took me forever to figure out what they were.

I miss those days.  Things were so much simplier then.

I attend.ed here from 1958 to about 1964 0r 65. At that time, Hillandale went to the 7th grade. Before my time ,I think it went thru the 8th. The janitor's name was Ulestor (sp?).I have a picture of the original Hillandale School which was on Rose of Sharon Road.

I attended school at Hillandale Elementary for grades 1 - 6, from school year1959/1960 to school year 1965/1966.  Ms. Ferrell was my 1st grade teacher and Ms. Hatcher was my 6th grade teacher.  Those are the only teachers I remember but I remember a lot about the school.  The auditorium, lunchroom, gym, even a ballfield in the right corner of the property.  We lived very close on Edwin Ave and would walk to school if we missed the bus.  Back then walking a few miles was nothing, lol.

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