2513 Englewood Ave.

36.015856, -78.934242

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(Below in italics is from the 2001 Watts-Hillandale National Register listing; not verified for accuracy by this author.)

Joseph Matthews House. Craftsman style house with a front clipped-gable roof with eave brackets, end chimneys, 3-over-1 Craftsman sash windows, plain siding, a Craftsman front door, and a hipped corner porch with wrought-iron posts and rails. 1930 city directory: Joseph F. Matthews occupant.



finally, my house! it's a wee little thing with a pretty simple history. corrections to the nomination text: it's got aluminum siding over german-profile wood weatherboards, and the windows (excepting the two flanking the fireplace) are vinyl replacements. it's a perfect match to three houses on Clarendon and one on Wilson, possibly built speculatively by the Frisks in the mid-1920s.

Joseph & Thelma Matthews bought the property in 1928, and lived in it for some years after. I'm pretty sure it was a rental through the Depression, and then the Wentz family bought it in the 1940s. They lived in this house and the one next door for decades - Mr. Wentz died about 2008 after living next door his entire life, his son and granddaughter lived here. A single mom brought up her son here next, owning it for 17 years until we bought it in 2004.

There's been a lot of extra layers added to the house - paneling on the walls and drop ceilings throughout - but the plaster is still there. We've restored it in the living room and hallway, but haven't gotten farther. We also added the built-ins on each side of the fireplace; the casement windows are from Steve Peters' place back before he moved up to Foster Street.

It's been a great house for us - the light is great, the rooms are of ample size, and it lives well.

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Hey Sara, I have badly deteriorated plaster walls in my Englewood Ave home.  I've been thinking of putting up drywall.  How did your restoration go?  Who did you have do the work?  Thanks!

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