701-703 East Main Street

35.990507, -78.892601

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This building was demolished by the city in the late 1960s, using urban renewal funds. N. Elizabeth St., as noted, was re-routed to the east to connect with the re-routed Fayetteville St.

I believe that this was playground space for the public housing complexes to the north and west (Liberty St. apartments and Oldham Towers). By the late 90s, it was empty green space.

In 2005, another investment of Federal funds brought about the construction of new apartments on this block through the HOPE VI program.

Looking northeast, 2007.

Looking northwest, 2007.

The former corner of Elizabeth and East Main Sts. (site of the Womble Pharmacy) - looking northeast, 2007.

It's the kind of investment this neighborhood needed after the mistakes of the 1960s - good streetscape design that houses low-income families without the stigma of cheap-looking housing.


I went to the library yesterday trying to find a name and listing for a store I frequented when I was young. It was just a few blocks East of the Olive Paint Co at 1000 E.Main St. The name of the store was E.Main St Seafood and Produce. It was on the corner of Main and Elm. The folks that run this store was named Whitey and Eunice Olive. I wonder if they are kin. Kinda ironic for me that this picture was posted today.


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Mom says there was a beauty shop in the same building. I only remember the fish market . I found it in the the 1961 directory. It was not in the 1958 directories and I didn't like using the microfilm so I quit looking for now. I'm going back soon and look some more. I would really like a picture but really don't know where to look. This couple had no kids and kinda adopted us neighborhood kids.

It was across the street SE corner.

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