Carr Street

Carr Street is named after Julian Shakespeare Carr; Carr seems to have lived briefly at the intersection of Carr Street with West Pettigrew Street. The streets 'framing' the Blackwell Bull Durham Tobacco Company plant on the east and west sides were named after the principals of the company, William T. Blackwell and Carr, respectively.

Carr Street was residential until the early-to-mid-20th century, when those residences began to be replaced with commerical struture and, as time went on, parking. Any remaining residences were demolished during urban renewal. In 2004, the street became more of a parking lot than street, devoted primarily to parking for American Tobacco, with the northernmost block topped by a parking deck.


408 CARR ST. (building)
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612 CARR ST. (building)
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502-504 CARR ST. (building)
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410-414 CARR ST. (building)
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112 JACKSON ST. (building)
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