Crews House/ 526 Holloway

35.994377, -78.891121

Cross Street
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Name: Crews House
Built: ~1905
Historic District: Cleveland-Holloway


526 Holloway in 1980

The Crews house was built by Paul Crews, an executive at the nearby (now defunct) Golden Belt Manufacturing Company. It has a similar multi-sided front and wrap-around porch to the single-story house next door at 524 Holloway.


This house recently sold (as of August 2006) after being on the market for several months. I hope the new owner gives it the renovation it deserves.

Update 2011: No such luck.

Durham GIS Page for 526 Holloway

Durham County Tax Records for 526 Holloway


I have always been drawn to this house. I relocated to the area 7 years ago from Florida and I saw it in the MLS and wanted to put an offer to purchase on it but I was warned not to do it because of the crime in the area. I don't care about the condition because I can do a lot of work myself but I listened like a dummy. A friend of mine is a real estate agent and he said there was a huge gaping hole in the floor and the house would need about $100k in repairs (if contracted out) to get it in living condition and the people who are renting it out are nothing more than slum lords because they are not fixing the house. I was in the neighborhod this week and the house is still drawing me. Something about that house tells me I should be living in it. Seriously. I can't explain it but I feel it. I am not sure why.
When I was in Florida I witnessed a historic area go through regentrification. They sold those houses for $25k and the neighborhood was TERRIBLE. As more respectable citizens moved in and started fixing up the area got better. Most of the people purchasing were teachers and police officers as they were given grant money to fix up, tax incentives if they did so, and low interest rates on the mortgage. The city anc county people jumped on that with the quickness. Now it is so outpriced you can't afford those houses and ab-so-lutely georgous. So I know it can happen and I am not scared. I would have secirity cameras and a couple of pit bulls or Dobermans though LOL.

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