524 Holloway - Henry Wilkerson House

35.994328, -78.891472

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524 Holloway, 1964.

Henry Wilkerson was an administrator at the Golden Belt Hosiery Mill. He had this house constructed, likely around the time the Hosiery Mill began operations nearby, in 1901.

He and his wife lived here until they died. Mrs. Wilkerson's sister, Fanny Dossett, was the next owner of the house, and she also lived in this house until she died, soon after the above picture was taken.

The house was subsequently turned into apartments, and began a slow decline.

524 Holloway, 1970s.

At some point, the most distinctive feature of the house - the elaborate, continuous porch brackets and turned posts that followed the polygonal front porch - was lost.

The current owner is a landscaper, and has created an impressive backyard and, most recently, constructed a grand brick front entryway to the property. He is in the process of restoring the house.


524 Holloway, 2007.




I went to this house the other day and the front of that house is beautiful and who would have thought green and purple would look so cute together? The landscaping looks much better now and this house really stands out on the block. In fact I would venture to say it is now the best looking house on the block.

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