414 S. Buchanan – Durham-Kirkland House

35.998496, -78.914685

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This one-story, triple-A-roofed house is three-bays wide and single pile with a gabled rear ell and a series of shed-roofed rear additions. The front portion of the house rests on a roughcoursed granite foundation with the ell and shed-roofed blocks on brick foundations. A full width, hip-roofed front porch is supported by tapered posts on rough-coursed granite piers with an original railing. The house retains original wood weatherboards, soffits, fascia boards, and moldings. The front door has had its large single pane of glass replaced by four wood panels, but retains an original transom and sidelights. Windows are one-over-one replacement windows throughout. The earliest known residents are Cordelia Durham (widow of Walter) and Alexander M. Kirkland (salesman) in 1905. The house was still occupied by Dwight L. Teer, who had lived there since at least 1925, as of 2010. 

Shed, c. 1980 – One-story, side-gabled, frame shed with combination of plywood sheathing and screening.


Demolished 6/2018

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