410 N. Elizabeth St.

35.996326, -78.890549

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(Below in italics is from the Holloway Street District NR listing; not verified for accuracy by this author.)

This one-story, triple-A-roofed house with hip-roofed front porch shares its form with many other houses in the neighborhood. The house is three bays wide and single-pile with a gabled rear ell extending from the left (north) side of the house and an enclosed porch constructed within the ell. The house has been covered with vinyl siding, including the soffits, gable returns, and eaves, and has replacement one-over-one windows, a replacement door, and vinyl surrounds throughout. The porch is supported by replacement wood posts and has new rails. Though it has lost much of its original detail, it retains its overall form. More modest than its neighbors to the south, the first known resident is Alonzo Hamlin (carrier) in 1907. The house was occupied by Hubert R. & William E. Byrd (Byrd & Bryan) in 1915/16, and Melvin G. Strickland (superintendent, Paragon Hosiery Mill) in 1919 and 1924.

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