300 Monmouth Ave

36.0068201, -78.8988716

Cross Street
Year built
Architectural style
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Local ID
plat book 7 page 206
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My wife and I bought this house in June 2014.  It had a significant interior renovation done prior to that sale; work was completed by James T Riley who flipped the property after owning it for 6 months.

View looking northwest from the corner of Monmouth and North
View looking Southwest from North St

Prior to the renovation, the house was owned by Glenn and Minnie Pursselley.  I found a nice write up of Glenn Pursselley from a biographical photo project called "Old and On Their Own" from 1992, with a photo of Glenn taken in our backyard.  http://alex-harris.com/photography/1992-old-and-on-their-own/1

According to the records I can find from the Register of Deeds, Glenn and Minnie purchased the home in August of 1970 from Leon and Mary Wood. More information will be added as I visit the deeds office in person and dig through the records.

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