215-217 Morgan St.

35.997961, -78.900705

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Several attractive storefronts lined the south side of Morgan St. between Holland St. on the west side and Rigsbee Ave. on the east. The Piedmont Furniture Co. was located on the southeast corner of Holland and Morgan (at 219-223 Morgan St.)

The businesses in the 200 block of Morgan St. directly faced the Big 4 warehouse and the Star Brick warehouse; many of the businesses in the early 20th century were geared towards farmers who had come to town to sell tobacco.

215-217 Morgan, 1963 - the appetizingly named "Durham Cigar and Candy Company." Two great tastes... Note the top of the post office peeking over the roof. (The car is rather odd - a vintage car in a 44 year old picture.)

In ~1968, these structures were demolished by the city using urban renewal funds. The parcels have been surface parking since then.

Looking southeast, 2007.


Regarding the "215-217 Morgan, 1963/Durham Cigar and Candy Company" photo: that is a very interesting flavor combination...and an interesting selection of vehicles in the picture! cool!

Ah, bidirectional travel -- how quaint!


Yummy, huh? Since I'm often looking at the vehicles to give me sense of the year of the picture, I did a bit of a double take on this when I first saw this 1920s era vehicle going by.




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