1222 Holloway Street

35.994202, -78.87833

Cross Street
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1222 Holloway, 10.02.10

Per the 1980 historic inventory:

Minzey Lawrence House

Minzey Lawrence, farmer and carpenter, was the earliest known owner of this one-story frame house which is a representative example of the the medium-sized, tastefully detailed dwellings constructed throughout East DUrham in the first two decades of [the 20th century]. Constructed in the late 1910s on a large corner lot, the house is distinguished by its very tall interior chimneys with corbelled stacks and its wraparound front porch with Tuscan columns and turned balusters. The front portion of the foundation and the front steps are constructed of rubble stone. An interesting aspect of the house is the east elevation with three gables, two of which appear to be the result of later additions.

As of October 2010, it houses "Bryant's Academy of Stars" - a daycare.

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That roof configuration must be a leaf and water nightmare. Yikes.

Went to an auction here in the late 1980's.

My grandparents (my mother's parents) lived in this house until the early 60's, when they moved back to Wilmington.  They were Mr. & Mrs. Ralph T. Davis.  The entrance with the awning was then a back porch, and my grandparents had a little vegetable garden to the rear, just beyond the fence in the photo.  I have many fond memories from this old place.  In October 1954, all schools closed early due to impending Hurricane Hazel (I was in the 6th grade at Holloway Street School).  I watched the hurricane sweep through the neighborhood from the windows of this house.  I graduated from Durham High in 1961 and entered the Navy. I just found this website, and am enjoying immensely the photos and accompanying memories from my youth.  Most everything is now gone, but I am pleased to see that this old house has survived.     

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