1107 Alabama Ave.

36.016624, -78.932613

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Adkins-Williams House.

Set far back on a very large lot (for Watts Hillandale - 0.69 acres,) this house is nearly hidden from the street.

Rambling, unusual Craftsman-style house with a front gable roof with a heavy front porch with two cross-gables, interiorchimneys, Queen Anne crow's-foot detail eave windows, 1-over-1 windows, a replacement door with sidelights, and asbestos shingle siding. The porch has triple arched lintels on Craftsman posts.

1925 City Directory: William R. Adkins, occupant. A later owner was D. McGregor Williams, assistant superintendent of the City Water Department, who lived here until his death in the late 1970s.


I have pictures of this property from ther earliery years if you are inertested 

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

I would be really interested in seeing them!  

Is this house vacant? Does anyone know the status? I happened to ride by this week. It is very overgrown (even more than the photo) and is looking very unloved. It should be on the endangered Durham list, if it's not already.

In reply to by Michelle (not verified)

The house was my grandparents,my aunt passed and she left it to a guy who was supposed to care for it. His name is David. She thought he was going to take care of it.I wish if he would have kept his word because I would loved to have. It should be taken care of I have pics of this. House in the early years

In reply to by Rebecca (not verified)

I agree- Rebecca, we would love to learn more about the history of this home!  Do you still have pictures?

Rebecca - you should upload your pictures!


I would love to see early pictures of this house. The line of ten trees intrigues me. I often stop at this address on my bike rides and just stare and imagine

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