1102-1104 Holloway Street

35.994312, -78.881705

Cross Street
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1102-1104 Holloway Street, 10.02.10

1102-1104 Holloway appears to have been built between 1923 and 1928. In 1928, "B's Home Cash Grocery" is a business located at this address. In 1934, it is referred to as "Beck's Cash Grocery."

In 1941, 1102 had converted to a part of the Purity Stores grocery chain, and 1104 was Pop's Place, confectionery. These remained as such through the 1940 and 1950s. In 1960, 1102 had become S&D Grocery, and 1104 Steven's Grill

I'm not sure when 1104 became Paschall's Grill (also known as Paschall's Cafe.) I'd have to imagine the mid-to-late 1960s or early 1970s, though. I can't say I've stopped to eat at Paschall's, but a few reviews online suggest it represents part of the old lineage of authentic Durham eating establishments - similar to King's, or, on the east side of town, Andrew's Kountry Kitchen, or the departed Parker's. I welcome the reminisces of others!

(Below in italics is from the 2004 National Register listing; not verified for accuracy by this author.)

One-story brick flat-roofed commercial building with 2 stores. The brick is laid in common bond. The facade features comer piers of stacked brick that create a pilaster effect. Both storefronts are original, with a recessed center door, plate glass display windows, and a transom concealed by metal. An additional storefront is located on the west rear elevation. 1930 CD: B's Home Cash Gro. 1940-1955: Pop's Place confr and Purity Stores gros. Current tenants: Aggressive Christian Church and Paschall's Grill.

06.17.2019 (N. Levy)

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Paschall's had the best hot dogs ever. The chili set it apart. A couple of hot dogs and a Pepsi was fine eating. Right up there with King's and Amos & Andy's.

Second the best hot dogs ever, and a glass bottle pepsi all you needed. Grandmother lived on Hyde Park, Friday walks were either to Paschall's or the candy store on Driver Street by the school. I guess since your on this block the old Aycocks BBQ is coming up soon.

For the East Durham working men,plumbers,electricians,construction workers,all the guys who had a 30 minute lunch time ,2 hot dogs and a pepsi would be the best lunch in Durham.Herman Paschall made his own chili right there and it was the best.And his family helped during the rush hour.Lived beside them for years ,good folks.
X Durham Chick

Right next door...New Aggressive
Church of Deliverance?
They sure are coming up with some
weird names for religious
outposts these days, huh?
I won't even make any banjo jokes.


I haven't run across Aycock's BBQ yet - where was it?


May have spelling wrong, may have been aydcocks, it was on the southwest corner of Hyde Park and Holloway, where the taqueria is now. I know it was there late 70's early 80's

Got it - that building is coming up tomorrow. I only have city directories through 1960, so I has missed it. Thank you!


And it was actually Adcock's BBQ, didn't want to give wrong info.

An interesting thing about this building, is that around the corner, on the right side of this building, facing Hyde Park Ave. was the entrance to Hyde Park Barber shop. The barber shop moved away many years ago, but kept the name and relocated to the corner of Club Blvd. and Roxboro Rd. across from King's Red and White. I went there as a kid with my dad for haircuts,then around the corner to Paschal's for a hot dog and cold bottled Pepsi. I still go to Hyde Park Baber Shop.

I don't recall anything I ate here, but I do remember the juke box. Once someone dropped in a few coins, and for the first time ever, I heard the song "Hey, Hey Paula," from 1963. Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear my name in a song.

Hyde Park Barber Shop is alive and well, one of the last of the fine old barber shops still left in Durham. To this day, I still go there and I take my six year old son there and he thinks he is Mr. Cool because he gets to to to the barber shop with Dad. Wayne and Bobby are good guys.

I liked the burgers. I went to grammer school with Deborah Pascall across the street. My brother-in-law went there for lunch everyday for many years.

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