1014 W. Trinity Ave.

36.005754, -78.909449

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(DC tax office)

(Below in italics is from the National Register listing; not verified for accuracy by this author.)

Constructed in the late 1920s for Herbert Mason who operated a furniture store at Five Points, this one-and- one-half-story Colonial Revival style brick and frame house is set in a spacious double lot. Full-facade engaged porch with flared eaves is supported by wooden Doric columns. The slightly projecting central attic dormer has wooden fan. Fluted pilasters frame trabeated entrance with sidelights.

I'm not sure where the author of the NR listing got the above info. The house doesn't appear in the 1929 or 1932 city directories, and Herbert Mason was living on Wyatt Street at the time. And he was sec-treas of the Christian Harward furniture company, located on West Parrish. I'll leave it to someone to track down more accurate origins of the house.

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