101 East Main Street - Duke Power Building

35.995097, -78.900287

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The buildings on the northeast corner of East Main St. and North Mangum St. were constructed sometime prior to 1891 and housed a variety of commercial establishments, the first being the T.J. Lambe's men's clothing store.

Looking northeast from Mangum and Main, 1895.
(Courtesy Duke Archives)

By 1937, the Harvey Cafeteria was located in the easternmost portion of the building.

Looking northwest.
(Courtesy Duke Archives)

Another view from ~1940 shows the Harvey Cafeteria, Globe Jewelry, and Weavers Men's Shop.

Looking northwest.
(Courtesy Duke Archives)

A view from Mangum St., looking southeast shows the Mangum St. facades of the building, including the taller portion containing the Fuller Music store.

Looking southeast, ~1940.
(Courtesy Duke Archives)

The Citizens Bank is in the background, along with the eastern facades of S. Mangum St. In the distance is the Austin-Heaton Co./Peerless Flour Mill

The view of the Harvey Cafeteria and "The Globe" looking west-northwest, ~1960.
(Courtesy John Schelp)

Harvey's in the 1950's - when it appears from looking at the number of meetings and events held there that it was a well-patronized establishement.
(Courtesy Herald-Sun)

The interior of Harvey's
(Courtesy Herald-Sun)

By 1965 Harvey's Cafeteria and Drink Shop was still around, along with the 'Shoe Box'.

Looking northeast, 1965.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)

Looking northwest, 1967.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)

Building or Xmas tree - always a tough choice.

Looking northeast, 1967.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)

Duke Power Co. had decided to build a modern building to move to from the EJ Parrish buildling, just to the north of this site.

Under construction, 1971, looking northeast
(Courtesy Durham County Library)



Completed product, 1973, looking northeast.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)

1973 (DCL)

I'm not sure when Duke Power moved out of this building, but it's now owned by the Masons, or, as the property record calls them "PRINCE HALL GRAND LODGE FREE &ACCEPTED MASONS OF NC INC, THE."

Looking northest, 2007. (Photo by Gary Kueber)

04.27.13 (Photo by Gary Kueber)


I remember Harvey's Cafeteria, as I went to school with Katherine Rape, who father owned the cafeteria.

I'm not sure what the point was behind eliminating the beautiful trees here a few years ago. What a joke.

Good point PeterK! The building itself is not maintained well and not as well as when Duke Power owned it.

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