1009 W. Cobb St.

35.988927, -78.91516

Cross Street
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From Triangle Modernist Houses:

1953 - The Hilda Cannady Crumpler House, 1009 West Cobb Street, Durham. 1200 sq ft on the first floor and another 800 in the finished basement. Sold in 1961 to Glenn J. and Anne Farrell.  Sold in 1980 to Grace R. Walters.  Sold in 2001 to Stanley McCauley. Two very large patios up and downstairs. Nearly every south facing wall is covered with windows. Hardwood floors, 2 chimneys with 3 different fireplaces.

As of 2012, abandoned.



This house really bums me out.  It is a great place with a fountain around back and a nice copper lined built-in planter in the kitchen.  The windows are really nice awning style that still operate.  A number of people have tried to buy this house, but the current owner appears more content to let it rot to the ground.

House has been listed in the MLS for sale - see information, tax data, recent interior pictures on the For Sale section of North Carolina Modernist Houses.  Virginia

House has been under contract and set to close soon; new owners have plans to preserve as much as possible of the original design and style of the property.

Good news! The house has been repaired, renovated, and sold!

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