Mystery Photo - 08.20.09

35.957004, -78.85312

Cross Street
Can you help?
You don't need to know everything, but do you know the year it was built?
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"Highway Patrol Inspecting Cars, 03.03.62"
(Courtesy Herald-Sun)

With help from commenters below, this location was identified as the site of J. P. Jones & Sons, a business on Angier Avenue east of Durham.


Hey, the first DUI checkpoint ever!

Captured on film in Durham NC. Who would have thought? : )

looks like Chapel Hill street near Lakewood? isn't there a party store or tienda that looks similar?

Looks like a propane tank (?) in the window reflection - Blue Flame?

I think the tienda @ Lakewood is a little further back off CH Road.

I agree with Anon. 2, that bungalow looks familiar. I'd go drive down Chapel Hill confirm my hunch, but can't get away this am.

er..i think we both meant chapel hill road, not street.

This might be the intersection of ANGIER at Jones circle. about 3633 Angier.There was some similar buildings that were removed years ago and a propane tank across the road

It is the old Jones Store building that sat at Angier Ave. and Jones Circle. It was later substantially destroyed in a fire.

Rik is correct . The brick building was just built at time of photo, replacing a wooden building .Had lots of friends who lived on Jones Circle.

I just looked on Google Earth and that's certainly Angier Rd. at Jones Circle. I love these things...I never get'em right but I love'em nonetheless.

Good job! I wouldn't have figured that out...even though I grew up 2 miles from there. I don't remember what that building used to be. I did think that it had to be on the outskirts of town for the Highway Patrol to be doing traffic checks. They wouldn't usually operate in the city street areas.


resorzThink you guys are right about Angier Ave. Wasn't there a geocery store there for many years in the old building?Then moved into the new building(that one).Seems I remember something about a murder happening there.

See, I wouldn've said something different:


I'm J. P. Jones, and this is my house. The store; J. P. Jones & Son was established January 2, 1908 when my great grand father J. P. Jones, and his father M. C. Jones formed a partnership. My grandfather Forrest P. Jones built Jones Circle in the mid 1950s. I helped my father build the last two homes. The house you see on Angier Ave. burned in 1974. J. P. Jones & Sons is still an operating business. We specialize in kitchen cabinetry, and counter tops. Give us a call! (919) 260-1111

In reply to by J. P. (not verified)

are you Jeff Jones? i grew up on Jones Circle and lived beside of Freddie Jones who had a son Jeff Jones. we lived in the first house on the left. we lived beside of Maude Jones. i sure miss living there and i sure miss all my friends i grew up with.

I remember both stores very well, I lived on Jones Circle for many years. I also baby sat for two of the Jones'.  I remember the fire very well, I had picked my mother up from work and we had a hard time getting home.  I spent most of the night at the house that is in the picture, at that time Mrs. Maude Jones lived there and during that evening I spend most of the night with her and the grandchildren.  I loved Maude Jones she was a very sweet woman who loved her garden and hats.  She use to say to me if I die in this yard make sure my hat is on.

Gary thank you fore this web site, it is great!

J.P jones Store, and homeplace.

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