1914-1918 Perry Street

36.007776, -78.921741

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1916-1920 Perry were built in the late 1920s, extending the strip of older commercial buildings at the corner of 9th and Perry eastward. The 1914 Perry building initially housed the West Durham Electric Shoe shop. 1918 initially housed Hawley's barber shop.

By the 1940s, 1914 housed Cole and Crumpacker General Contractors, and 1916-18 housed Check Dry Cleaners. By the 1950s, 1916-1918 housed Stahl-Rider Durham air conditioners, with Modern Printing and Lithographic upstairs.

Aerial shot of Perry St., 1950s.
(Courtesy The Herald-Sun Newspaper)

I'm sure there are other businesses that have made a home in these buildings. My own memory is of buying my very first CD at dearly departed Poindexter's, before they made a few moves up and down 9th Street. And of eating Francesca's ice cream along their benches on Perry St.

Perry St., 1980s.

Today, 1916-18 houses CCI photographics, and upstairs, the modern-day equivalent of Poindexter's (at least in my mind,) Chaz's Bull City Records.

1916-18 Perry, 04.05.09

1914 Perry St. houses Atelier N, a jewelry store.

1914 Perry, 04.05.09

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Wilmore Electronics www.wilmoreelectronics.com which is now in Hillsborough was originally on Perry Street.

during the late 80's Janet Harriman's jewelry studio was housed upstairs at 916-918.

CCI Photographics spent some time in the Fidelity Bank building, the part that's currently Tre Bella. I worked there for a year or so. I think they closed it pretty quickly and folded it into their Northgate mall store.

This would have been in the early-to-mid '90s.

The name of the Jewelry and Goldsmithing shop is actually "Atelier N"

I recently moved away from Durham, and I can't believe how lucky I was to have both Chaz's and Offbeat Music within walking distance of one another. Finding an independent music store with pleasant, knowledgeable staff seems to be virtually impossible anywhere else in this fair country of ours. Yet another Bull City Bonus.

For a couple of years in the late 1990's, this was Sandy Creek Children's Bookstore. I was never sure why they called it that, since as far as I could tell it was on the Ellerbee Creek side of the Ridge, and Sandy Creek was far away on the New Hope. But it was a fine children's book store, and featured local authors whenever they published childrens' books.

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