Scott and Roberts

Scott and Roberts

Dry Cleaners

Scott and Roberts Cleaners reportedly began business at 508 East Main St. around 1910 (although this address seems a bit improbable, as it still should have been the location of Somerset Villa. It moved to 710 East Main St. in 1927, and finally moved the HQ to a new building at 733 Foster Street in 1948. Although this was their primary business location, they had additional dry cleaning stores at 710 E. Main (the previous primary location,) 810 W. Main, 302 N. Mangum, and 702 Fayetteville St. by 1951. At that same point, this was noted to be the "largest dry cleaning plant in the state." with "a modern cold storage plant and other equipment for cleaning and storage of furs and other out of season garments."


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