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CA Croft, a native of Princeton, (Webster County) Kentucky, graduated from Kentucky State Teachers College and received professional training at Bowling Green University in Bowling Green, KY. He had time to teach one year in an Iowa high school before going into the Army during WWI.

After the war, Croft taught for 10 years at Wheeler's Business College, Birmingham, AL. From there he went to King's Business College in Raleigh, which he managed for one year.

Then Croft and his wife came to Durham and in December 1931 established Croft Secretarial and Accounting School.

Croft first located his school in the First National Bank Building. Six months later, the school was moved to what was then the Southern Fire Insurance Building on East Chapel Hill Street. Time brought one more move, in 1936, when the school was relocated to 201 1/2 West Main Street.

Mr. Croft was president, and Mrs. Croft was vice-president of the school. In 1953, Croft figured his school had given instruction to an avearage of 250-300 students a year since it opened. His school, when located at 201 1/2 W. Main, made use of four classrooms and had floor space totalling 4500 square feet. In addition to Mr. and Mrs. Croft, faculty members in 1953 were: Mrs. OA Riggs, Gladys Orr, and WD Anthony.

In 1938, Croft was appointed a member of North Carolina Board of Commercial Education by Sen. Clyde Hoey, then Governor of North Carolina.

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