West Club And Arbor

36.018266, -78.897835

Cross Street
Can you help?
You don't need to know everything, but do you know the year it was built?
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West Club Blvd., east from Arbor Street, May 1938
(Courtesy Duke Forest Collection)

West Club Blvd., east from ~somewhere around where Arbor St. used to be., 06.26.10
(Copyright Endangered Durham)

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In several of these pictures that you have been featuring from 1938 there are newly planted trees lining the sidewalks and streets. Was there a city, state or federal program to plant them? If so, do you know the name or history of it?

Thanks for the great info.

Seth Roberts


The Willow Oaks along most of Durham's streets were planted by - I believe it was the Garden Club of Durham, in consultation with C. Korstian of Duke / Duke Forest in 1938. Duke Forest documented some of the plantings in the photos I've been posting.

Particularly since we're in the midst of chopping them down and replacing them with small trees so that they don't ever get big enough to provide a shade canopy that could touch the power lines, I thought it would be an opportune time to showcase the series.


I heard/read that the acorns from which the willow oaks along Club Boulevard were grown were from the trees on Ben Duke's Four Acres estate. Is that substantiated or is it just a good anecdote?

From the 2nd to 6th grades, I lived on the small one block of Arbor Street that still existed in the late 1950s. We walked to Club Blvd. School. When Washington St. bridge was built over I-85, Arbor became a small spur off Washington. Washington had been the name of the street parallel to and one block east of Arbor. I never knew that Arbor had apparently once crossed the Creek and connected to Club. When I lived on it, it came to a dead end just north of the creek, as seen today.

What is now named Northgate St. was named Washington St., when I lived on Arbor.


I am interested in finding out exactly when my house was built on Glendale. In my research, I stumbled upon Arbor St, north of I-85 in 1956 development of Glendale Heights by Rental Realty Co. (Book 18, Page 56 http://rodweb.co.durham.nc.us/imgcache/map2004908339-1-1.pdf)

Still looking to see who owned Glendale Heights property during and before the resubdivision in 1945. (Plat Book 15, Page 57)

I grew up on the current Arbor st, that ends at Englewood. Now I live on Northgate and up in my attic is old mail with my address as Washington st. Funny how things are so different from back when.

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