Oh Boy! Drive-In

36.016664, -78.88904

Cross Street
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1959 (DHS Messenger via DigitalNC)

1960 (DHS Messenger via DigitalNC)


The Oh Boy! was a favorite of my friends and I. It was required that you drive around the building at least twice so everyone could benefit from the lovely sound of you glasspacks. Then pull in and order up a Hi Burger. The best burger I ever had, I have searched for that taste ever since the sad day the Oh Boy! went dark. Nearest to it is Sonic, and they have curb service similar to Oh Boy! Many good times and memories at the Oh Boy!

We used to drive back and forth from Tops Drive In to the OH Boy and then back in the other direction! You'd recognize someone's car going in the other direction and say, "oh, that's so-and-so and his girlfriend". Hanging out in the parking lot, eating burgers and fries. Great times!

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