Jl Page Grocery - 1304 Fayetteville St.

35.980976, -78.899557

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late 1930s
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National Register
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J.L. Page Grocery, late 1970s

James L. Page built his neighborhood grocery at 1304 Fayetteville St. in the late 1930s; the land was purchased from the Fitzgerald family who, per the Historic Inventory, had one of their brickyards on the site. Page's Grocery operated on the site for many years - I don't believe this is a functioning business anymore, although I didn't go up to the door and check. The building is reminiscent of many of the small commercial structures that were once scattered throughout the Hayti neighborhood.

Looking southwest, 11.15.08

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There is actually a small barn behind the current structure, as well, which appeared to possibly contain some sort of livestock at one time. there is still coal littering the floor of the structure, from the days when such things were used for heat.

I began working over there about eight years ago. It has been empty and unused for at least that long.

I remember going there for simple groceries (fresh fruits/veggies...seasonal of course at that time). The Page family is still here in Durham by the way.

Also, now this maybe just me, but, Page Grocery wasn't truly within the Hayti business line/area, it was definitely up the street from where that line started (going towards NCCU), and it was just one of several little neighborhood grocers (there were even side pockets of these stores), going towards NCCU.

I remember stopping at Page's Store after school.  Students from Whitted Junior High and Hillside High School would gather there for snacks before going home.  One day out of the week we  would all go over to W.D. Hill Recreation for a dance that was held. 

Mr. Theodore Freeland was one of the managers in the recreation center. Those were fun times.

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