Irma M. And Cecil B. Thompson House

35.979721, -78.910114

Cross Street
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Photograph taken by the NC HPO on 11 March 1981

From the National Register nomination form of 2005, completed by M. Ruth Little

1 ½-story front-gable Tudor Cottage with stucco walls, 9-over-1 sash windows, and an interior chimney. The main entrance is on the left side between stuccoed buttresses. Other features include 9-over-1 sash windows; metal casement windows; a shallow gabled entrance bay with an arched opening with a decorative concrete surround and recessed arched door; side-gable dormers with casements, and round-headed windows in the front gables. This is said to be a spec house built by New Hope Realty Co. Cecil B. Thompson, department manager at Goodrich Silvertown Inc., was the occupant in 1930. [Carr interview, 1930= CD]  

The following information comes from the City Directories and general web searching:

Year Occupant(s) Occupation(s) Other information
1930 Irma M. Thompson * Cecil B. Thompson *   department manager Cecil worked as a salesman at Goodrich Silvertown Inc., which appeared to operate from the newly-built Uzzle Cadillac dealership and service station at 416 E Main St.
1932 (vacant)        
1933 Douglas H. Sprunt   associate professor   Douglas worked at Duke University Hospital (Biochemistry and Pathology).  He researched infantile paralysis and once lived at 3436 Dover Rd.
1934 Pauline P. Kerndl George B. Kerndl     George worked as a newspaperman and the Kerndls were the first owners/occupants of 1606 University Dr in 1935.
1935 (vacant)        
1936 Reba H. Stafford Edward M. Stafford   osteopathic physician Edward worked in office 307-8 of the Depositors National Bank Building at 123 W Main St.
1940 Lillian M. Reich Carl W. Reich   salesman  
1941 Jeanette P. Lineberger + Fred P. Lineberger +   meat manager Fred worked at A&P Food Stores.
1946 Everett Wilkins        
1947 Margaret C. Wilkins       Margaret was a widow.
1949 (vacant)        
1950 Yoalder Miller-Brunson Ronald A. Brunson      
1952 Clara R. Davine   office secretary   Clara worked at Erwin Mills.
1956 Jane Malinsky Frank Malinsky   instructor Frank worked at Duke University.
1958 Ruth L. Vann J. Graves Vann, Jr.   assistant manager Graves worked at Wright Machinery, a division of Sperry Rand Corp, located at 1005 Calvin St.
1961 Doreen S. Lockhart Walter S. Lockhart, Jr.   physician Walter worked at 604 W Chapel Hill St.
1967 Erminia C. Ciferri Alberto Ciferri   chemist, professor Alberto worked at Chemstrand, in RTP, and at NC State University.
1969 J. Jay Pecora, III   student    
1970 Mary B. Baker   student    
1971 Allen Kahan   student    
1972 Russell M. Frank   student    
1973 (unknown)        
1974 (vacant)        
1975 Randolph C. Wall   student    
1977 (vacant)        
1978 Gail Kirchner        
1979 (vacant)        
1980 Alberto Ciferri        
1983 Lena Sallsors Goran Sallsors   visiting associate professor Goran worked at Duke University Hospital.
1985 Alberto Ciferri        
1986 (vacant)        
1987 Roderick Heath   employee   Roderick worked at IBM.
1988 Alberto Ciferri        
1989 Yasumasa Masumoto   student   Yasumasa studied at Duke Law.
1990 Weitao Yang   associate professor   Weitao taught in the Duke University Chemistry Department.
1991 Alberto Ciferri        
1997 Alejandro Manara        
2001 (unknown)        
2002 (unknown)        
2003 Alberto Ciferri        


* The 1930 US Census shows that to C.B. (age 29) and Irma (age 28), the house was also occupied by daughter Celia M. (age 7), son Edwin S. (age 5), son Jack Y. (age "2 8/12"), and two roomers: A. Roy Hargrave and Dewitt T. Ri-- (the handwritten names are very difficult to read).  While Cecil was a salesman, his two roomers were both civil engineers and unmarried. 

+ The 1940 US Census shows that Fred (age 35) and Jeanette (age 34) Lineberger occcupied the house at the time of enumeration, along with their son Herman (age 12).  The family previously lived in Salisbury, NC.  Herman went on to become a professor of psychology at UNC.

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