Farmers Exchange - Poultry Plant

35.996612, -78.887063

Cross Street
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1956 (From "This is Central Carolina Farmers Exchange")

"A Poultry Plant to process and market large amounts of poultry was one of the first operations started by the Exchange to give local farmers a source of income other than tobacco. When the Department began operating in 1931, there was very little poultry being grown in this section - not much more than what it took to feed the farmers. However farmers, were quick to see what mass production and wholesale marketing of poultry could do for them.

Today, Central Carolina is known for its production of broilers, which provides the second largest farm income in the State. Broiler production in this area has grown so fast that the original plant was enlarged twice in ten years. The new plant, shown above, with a dressing capacity of 5,000  birds an hour, was built in 1955. Farmers of Central Carolina now receive over five million dollars yearly for poultry marketing by this firm."

1956 (From "This is Central Carolina Farmers Exchange")

1956 (From "This is Central Carolina Farmers Exchange")

1956 (From "This is Central Carolina Farmers Exchange")

Currently used by TROSA for lawncare / construction operations.


(Photo by Gary Kueber)

08.30.13 (Photo by Gary Kueber)

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