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Identified on the 1887 and the 1910 maps of Durham County as the A. Copley and A. R. Copley residence, this tri-gable I-house with simple Italianate and Greek Revival decoration has been beautifully restored by Phillip Latta who purchased it in 1976. Built over a fieldstone foundation, the house is weatherboarded, bracketed by single-shouldered end chimneys with corbelled caps, and has a nearly full facade hip-roofed front porch. An elaborate entry has two paneled double-leaf doors topped by a two-light transom and a pedimented surround; the outermost pair is half glazed and opens outside while the innermost pair is solid wood and opens inside. Four-over-four windows with round-arched tops and pedimented surrounds are placed regularly around the dwelling and on a small one-story rear ell that is contemporary with the main block. Latta has enclosed a shed porch, and added a kitchen ell and a screened porch topped with a balustrade. 


On the interior, Greek Revival, post and lintel mantels and four-panel doors remain, and wide board paneling and flooring have been preserved. A graceful staircase with an Italianate octagonal newel and turned balusters rises from the center hall through a landing to the second floor.

A large number of log and frame outbuildings are grouped around the house. These structures include a mule barn, various storehouses, a corncrib, a smokehouse, a pack house, and numerous tobacco barns and sheds. Near the southern edge of the property, a tenant house was constructed in the early twentieth century to replace a similar one that had burned.




Is this in the area known as Copley's Corner?
If so, I've been in this house a few years after Mr. Latta purchased it.  I recall it having lovely wooden floors and very high ceilings.

Philips Latta was a son of Charlie and Pattie Mangum Latta and used to live in the Mangum house that is now in West point on the Eno.  He started a radio (and later television) repair business sometime after WWII in Braggtown that was in business until sometime in the mid-70s.   Sadly, Mr. Latta passed away in June of this year at the age of 96. 

He had no children, so I wonder what will become of the house now.


I think so - I think Copley's Corner is the area around the intersection of Bahama Rd. and Red Mountain Rd., but I'm not positive about that. It certainly is in this vicinity.


If you know what has happened to the house, I would like to know.  Philip's father was my great uncle Charlie Latta.

My dad Steve Copley grew up living in this house. We love this house. Steve and Debra still live in Copley's corner about a half of mile from this house. It is a beautiful place and area.

My parents currently live in this house. Phillips Latta was my father's uncle. It is a beautiful home; I enjoy visiting it often.

I would very much like to visit this house as it appears identical to a house we recently bought, just down the road. We own the DC Umstead House at the corner of Bahama Road and Hall Road which was extensively remodeled and no longer has its original exterior features. I've been looking for another house with the same windows, feeling sure the builder must have built another nearby. This looks like it! Please put me in touch with the owners so I can know how our house looked originally. Many thanks!

This was Caleb & Viola Copley's home! My grandparents!!! Wonderful grandparents, wonderful home, wonderful memories! My Dad, Ray Copley and Brother Steve Copley lived there as well. The Latta's own and live in the home and they are the best caretakers of the land and home we could ever hope for, only second to my dear grandparents. So heartwarming to see these photos shared.

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