Camp Rota-Y-Ki / Sacarusa

36.074577275067, -78.904973407189

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Durham plat book 17, page 146
Durham plat book 6a, page 71
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(The Rotarian, Summer 1929)

Not sure of the exact location of this, but Jean Anderson noeds that it was at "Roxboro Road and the Eno River."

She notes:

"It was the Rotary Club, for example, that began a school lunch program in 1924 for poor children, made loans to high school boys to enable them to remain in school, and persuaded the YMCA to establish a summer camp for boys on the Eno River at Roxboro Road, at first called Camp Rota-Y-Ki (a name that reveals the Kiwanis' participation) and later called Camp Sacarusa.

(Durham High School Messenger - 1938, via DigitalNC)

In a 1934 Duke Alumni register about Indian artifact archeology in Durham County, the camp can be somewhat located by the following description of a a site:

"On the south bank of the Eno River, not far below Christian's Mill and just opposite Camp Sacarusa, there is field in which numerous artifacts, including a fragment of pottery, have been found."

Sacarusa was a Tuscarora Indian chief - noted on several land sales and leases in 1803-1805. (Along with Chief Longboard)

There is some indication that the building(s) may have burned, and the organization purchased land for Camp Kanata in 1947, which succeeded Sacarusa. (This is unconfirmed)

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