Broadway And Ward Grocery Store - 2013 Chapel Hill Rd.

35.986508, -78.927415

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(Below in italics is from the 2003 Lakewood Park National Register listing; not verified for accuracy by this author.)


Broadway and Ward Grocery Store. One-story brick, flat-roofed commercial building with a parapet roof with terra cotta coping, walls of running bond veneer, and a glass storefront with metal door and window trim. Small metal windows illuminate the side elevations. H. J. Broadway and Philip Ward ran a grocery store here in the 1940s. By 1952 Pickard Rooftng Co. occupied the building. [1937 SM, 1952 CD, interview] 

For the past few years the building has been home to Chameleon Nightclub. There is a great mural on the side of the building as well. 


IIRC, this was an ABC store until around the mid 1990s when it was moved to Chapel Hill Blvd near Lone Star Steakhouse.

In the 50's it was a roofing co. Pickard I think.

Building was built as a grocery store. (don't remember the name)
They had a tent set up outside where they would show kids
cartoons on saturday mornings to occupy the kids while parents
bought groceries. Building became Pickard Roofing after
grocery store closed.

I, Albert Gene Hawkins, was a bicycle grocery delivery boy for Broadway Grocery when I was about 12-13yrs. old. My family lived on Dean Street just about 100 yards behind the store. My salary was $12.00 a week  and that money helped my mom and dad buy our first black and white tv. The man who ran the store in the late 40's and early 50's was very kind and understanding but I don't remember his name. The big delivery bike was just about too much for me to handle and I had a couple of little accidents with loss of eggs, milk, and other breakables on a few occasions. I was also in charge of keeping the empty drink bottles straight in crates at the back of the store.

On Sundays our dad, who worked for Long Meadow Dairy(Lakewood Dairy) as a wholesale milk distributor, would send my brother Tony and me to Davis Bakery for Dutch apple pie(could have been French apple) to eat with the Neapolitan ice cream he would bring home. Those were exciting and interesting times living on old Dean Street. I also served on the safety patrol at Lakewood School where I happened to win a fire prevention contest and got to ride on a fire truck as a prize. Good memories. I also remember playing touch football with other boys on the lot behind the service station across the street from Broadway Grocery. A friend of us smaller boys beat up a bully one afternoon when he (the bully) had gotten too rough with some of us. Our hero's first name was Billy.

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