Batten's Quick Shop / Jimmy's Grill

36.082462, -78.931728

Cross Street
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What is the address of this building?

Gary, awesome that you added this post! I grew up just down the road from Batton's/Jimmy's grill and their biscuits were legendary. This brings back some good childhood memories. Thanks again for doing this!

Tim - thanks! By all means, please tell us more about your memories. I don't have any - I put places like this up so folks like you could let people like me know everything we missed in great detail!



Oh man I used to love this place. I knew it as Jimmy/Jimmie's Grill. My mom would take us here all of the time to get our regular scrambled egg, sausage & cheese on a hamburger bun w/ mayo & whatever we wanted to drink. Then we'd find a place outside, at the picnic tables, to eat. One of my favorite childhood memories. They shut it down b/c they were supposed to tear it down when they widened that part of Guess Rd. > I remember when it was one lane. I will never forget the older African American lady... I want to say her name was Lilly (as mentioned above) or Mrs. Mattie??? I was really young but she always came out from behind the grill area and give me and my sister a big hug. Every time I ride by that place, I wish they'd open it back up.

I knew this place as "Jimmie's Grill" (spelled with an ie, not a y). They had great hamburgers and other convenience store fare. On the corner of guess road and cole mill road. Incidentally, Steve McGranahan, the "world's strongest redneck" used to work there.

oh yeah, guess and umstead. not cole mill.

Never missed a chance to get hot dogs at "Mr. Jimmies". But everything there was good. I believe Jimmie was a Durham Co. Deputy Sheriff . We would drive from Hillsborough just to get hot dogs there. My kids loved to sit outside at the picnic tables. The ladies that worked there were like family, always kind and sweet, and made the best biscuits in Durham Co. Very sad day for us when it was closed. And for no good reason either.

I think I bought my first bag of weed there.

I remember when the parking lot would be full of yellow NCDOT trucks in the morning for breakfast (best biscuits in town) and at lunch time for great burgers and pinto beans! I can't remember the names of the little old ladies that worked there but they were just so sweet!

Oh my, I found a picture on Facebook and found this site. I used to work at Sherwood Animal Clinic, I would go over there for breakfast for everyone at the clinic! I had forgotten about this place. I am so glad I can see it now and a flood of memories come back!!

I used to work at what was Gene's Food Mart before it became Batten's. I used to love the people that came in there on a regular basis. We knew each other by first name. When I first started working there everyone was surprised because I played Classical Music on the radio. This picture brings back some warm and wonderful memories. Jimmie and Hazel some of the best people in the world. And Lilly I will never forget that woman. There was a window that we shared between the food mart the the grill. We would yell at each other all of the time for fun. I could go on and on with stories of this wonderful place.

Mark, please tell us some of those stories!

It's at the corner of Guess Road and Umstead Road. Now for sale. Was owned and operated by Jimmy and Sarah Pearson.

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