All People's Grill

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This place is the most under appreciated spot in Durham. In the years we've been in town, we have enjoyed it as a short-lived private venue for blues musician Cool John Ferguson on Saturday nights, and as a shorter-lived breakfast/diner. As I understand it, "Miss June" and her sisters are school teachers who took this over from their father, with little interest in running a Grill "and Night Club." It really is a remarkable place, meant for 'all people' as the name suggests. Miss June is quite nice, and the inside of that building is a true time capsule. There is a historic article posted on the wall inside that quotes the father suggesting that 'Durham doesn't need Martin Luther King, Jr. to come here and integrate APG we've been integrated already.' If memory serves me, the article comes from the late 1950's.

Thanks for the support and kind comments. We receive, hear, and view a lot of commentary about the good times experienced by folks who had the opportunity some years back to see Cool John Ferguson, Bobby Hinton, John Dee, Lil Dave, and others at the Grill pretty regularly. We are delighted to be considered a special venue.

All People’s Grill is a small independently owned establishment with a story that encompasses a rich history, and organic bare-bones, WYSIWUG hospitality among other aspects. Personally speaking it’s always been like a second home to me- Aunt Judy will spoil you with her food and keep you on point with her expectation that no one but guests should be idle for long - yet she’ll certainly stop for a dance break here and there!

Odd to some, but I believe part of the place’s beauty stems from the owners (and family) not feeling pressured to make the Grill anything other than what they want it to be. It remains a unique gathering spot. Parties, family reunions, band showcases and various events continue to be held there - albeit not regularly Monday-Sunday 8am to 5pm….but people do continue to reach out and to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the atmosphere (and this started long before my birth :-)). So, most importantly it does remain “a place for all people” and I don’t foresee this changing. I know perception is in the eye of the beholder, but to Family and Friends (which is darn near everyone), All People’s Grill has always been open! And...with all that said the family hopes to get it jumping again in the near future. Thanks again for your support!

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