933 East Main St.

35.988997, -78.889969

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1979 (Courtesy SHPO)



933 East Main in 1919 housed Parker's Drug Store, run by Roland H. Parker. By 1923, it housed the Edgemont Candy Kitchen, run by either "GL Orthanos" or "Augustus L Orphanos", depending upon which page of the city directory you believe; he lived at 520 1/2 East Pettigrew St.

1933: Reeves Square Deal Cafe

1937: Lipscomb Bros. Barbers
1944: Lipscomb Bros. Barbers
1952: Vacant
1955: Vacant
1960: Kale Drug Co.

By the early 1990s, it served as offices for the Hayti Development Corporation, which I wrote a bit about here.

931-933 East Main, 03.28.03

In one of those try-devine-what-is-happening-from-the-tax-records, the building is now owned by DRJR Properties, i.e. John Runge and Darius Robustelli, who own "Carmine's Ristorane & Pizzeria" in Chapel Hill. They leased it in 2008 to Daniel Sams and Keith Yokley, for a total term of 5 years.

Nothing outwardly appears to be happening with the building.


"Nothing outwardly appears to be happening with the building."

Not quite. I was walking by the jungle next door one morning when a young man rode up on a bicycle, and proceeded to unlock the door of 933. I asked him if the building was being used. He was one of the tenants and was using it as an artist studio. The other tenant was also either an artist or a musician who also used it as a studio. Shades of Golden Belt!

We would all like to see the first floor as retail, but at least the building IS being used, and not just being allowed to deteriorate.

Now about that jungle next door. . .


I'll stand by my statement, although I'm glad to hear that you have discovered that something good is happening to the building 'inwardly'. Hopefully tenants or landlord will feel comfortable taking the bars off the lower level and giving it a true storefront appearance again, even if it isn't a retail venue.


I used to go in Kales all the time when I was a kid also as mentioned before right across the street at the fish market/ store.

My grandaddy Glen Kale owned Kale Drug Co. Thanks for listing this!
~Molly P

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