914 Shepherd Street

35.991829, -78.913357

Cross Street
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Adapted from the Durham Historic Inventory:

The sawnwork trim that appears all across the elevations of this one-story house indicates a construction date around the turn of the 20th century. Originally, this house was situated at 901 Vickers Avenue. When James Edward Stagg gave that property to his daughter as a wedding gift, this house was moved to its present location to that a new dwelling could be constructed. Although very little is known about the history of the house prior to the move, the earliest confirmed occupant after the move was Charles H. Tew, a foreman who lived here with his family after the house was moved, and may have lived in the house prior to its move. By 1925, the houes was owned by WIlliam B. McGary, a foreman of the American Tobacco Co. Upon McGary's death, the house was inherited by his son, Nelson, who lived here with his family until 1971.

 All five of the gables containing attic vents are sheathed with alternating rows of sawtooth and butt-end cedar shake shingles while the surrounds of all of the doors, windows, and vents are pointed and decorated with applied scalloping and embossed keystones. Drop pendant brackets appear above the clipped corners of the projected bays on the front and south elevations.




I'm not aware that Doris Duke spent any significant amount of time in Durham - I think she was more interested in Duke Farms (NJ), Rough Point, Shangri-La, et al than Durham. I think she made the very rare public appearance, but given how her father eschewed Durham as a place to live by the ~1880s, I'm not sure why she would have spent any time here. Perhaps you are thinking of the Mary Duke Biddle Trent Seemans house near there on Forestview?

I thought Doris Duke was born and grew up in New Jersey. Never heard that she lived in Durham at all.

While you are 'in the neighborhood' why not look at the home of Doris Duke, where she spend much of her time, a few blocks away on Bivens and Kent? Thanks for all of your work

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