911-913 East Main

35.989427, -78.890733

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East Main / Edgemont commercial strip: 911-913 is the rightmost structure.
(Courtesy The Herald-Sun Newspaper)

Built in the 1920s, 911-913 East Main housed a barber shop and restaurant throughout its lifespan
In 1928, 911 housed the Edgemont Barber Shop, 911 1/2 the Edgemont Cafe, and 913 "Hessee & Honeycutt";

911 Edgemont Barber Shop
911 1/2: Fuller's Cafe
913: Vacant

911 Edgemont Barber Shop
911 1/2: R&W Lunch
913 Warrren's Billiards

911: Edgemont Barber Shop
911 1/2: Edgemont Lunch
913: Edgemont Lunch (storage)

911: Joe's Barber Shop
911 1/2: Edgemont Lunch

Sometime in the 1950s or early 1960s, the stucco facade was covered with some sort of metal or plastic facade covering

February 1966 - I can't read the name of the barber shop - 913 appears to house the Meal ( ) Minute Restaurant?.

It housed "Dill's" by 1979


June 1979 (SHPO)

903-913 East Main, ~1980s.

911-913 East Main was torn down by the city of Durham in 1998-1999.

911-913 East Main, 11.13.10

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What a great pic of Edgemont lunch and the barbershop with stripes. Really enjoying these post. Thanks

I have sometimes eaten a Meal in a Minute, but never with a good result.

I had an Uncle named Pete Bowen who cooked at Edgemont Lunch when I was a kid. We used to stop there for hot dogs after shopping downtown with my Mom, his sister. In the 1920's her father had a grocery and butcher shop in this same area, but I am not sure if it was one of these store fronts, I only have an interior photo.


Joe Lipscolm ( not sure if the spelling is correct) and his brother ran the barber shop at one time. Don't know what years or if they actually owned it.

In the 2nd photo captioned "February 1966 - I can't read the name of the barber shop - 913 appears to house the Meal ( ) Minute Restaurant?." and judging by the 7th photo, captioned "February 1966 view, with the East Main Sport Shop, Used Appliance Store, and Jimmie's Soda Shop, left-to-right." It looks to me like the unknown Barber Shop is 'Julian's Barber Shop'

I just came across my Uncle Pete Bowen's WWII draft card via Ancestry.com. On it he listed his employer as "Warren and Ricks Lunch at 911 1/2 East Main St." So, it seems he cooked there before the war and then returned later.

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