901 Cleveland St.

35.999746, -78.895432

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901 Cleveland St., July 2006

When this house was built at the turn of the century, the south end was one-and-one-half stories and the north end, with the projecting facade, was a single story; sometime after 1913 a full second story was added, converting the house to its present form. The house is rather austere, without any applied decoration. The porch, covered with raised seam tin, runs across the main facade and wraps around to the south elevation; it is supported by slightly tapered box posts on coursed ashlar plinths. The house was built in the first decade of this century. City directories reveal that it had a series of occupants from the late 1910s to at least the early 1930s, indicating that it may have been rental property, its status today, at an early date.


This house was renovated in 1989 & turned into an up and down duplex (2br 1ba up, 3br 2ba down). I've lived in the bottom half since May 2010. According to the landlord, the house was built in 1899.

The top half of the house more or less duplicates the bottom half, with the exception of the additional suite stuck on the west end of the first floor, toward the back of the lot. Because of some level changes and other architectural differences between the suite in back and the rest of the house, I'm guessing that the part in back was either added later or *extensively* changed by someone before the current owner. I do know that the westernmost room, which is now a bedroom, used to be a kitchen.

There used to be an outbuilding behind the house on the northern property line. It had room for a vehicle on one side, and a room with a window on the other. The back of the outbuilding was open, with the aforementioned room only being about half as deep as the entire building. The outbuilding gently collapsed after a snowstorm during the 2010s: the exposed uprights at the building's back had suffered from exposure, compromising the whole building.

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