707 North Queen Street

35.998197, -78.893774

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707 N. Queen St., 1980

(Below in italics from the Holloway NR district nomination; not verified for accuracy)

This one-story, hip-roofed house is three bays wide and triple-pile. The house has a brick pier with concrete block curtain wall foundation, German-profile siding, and an asphalt-shingled roof. The house has a hip-roofed front dormer and an engaged front porch supported by replacement square posts with replacement rails. The house has one-over-one replacement windows on the front but retains two-over-two wood windows on the side elevations. The front gable has a nine- light window and louvered vent. The front door is a modern replacement, but retains its original surround. This house mirrors the one across the street at 706 N. Queen Street as well as those in the 600 block of N. Queen Street and was constructed as early as 1915. Its earliest known resident was Mrs. Lora H. Barbee in 1939.

707 Queen Front Right.jpg


March 2014

March 2014


March 2014

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March 2014



Gary, will you be doing anything (or even have anything) on the 200 block of North Queen? I just found out that's where my grandmother used to live.

If your grandmother is still living put her in touch! There are still some neighbors who lived in the area from the 1960s

natalie spring at gmail

Thanks, Garry. I don't know why I couldn't find that in the search. User error on my part, no doubt.

Natalie, I appreciate the thought, but that would be about 30 years after she lived there. :) Also, she passed about 20 years ago...part of the reason I only just found out that she lived in the area.

That's even cooler! She would have been over in the neighborhood as it was still being built!


No, not your fault - the search function is terrible. Working hard to try to get the new site launched in the next couple of weeks, which will (eventually) improve things greatly.

Did you find your grandmother's house in the post(s)?


Yes, I did. In fact, I found two (of the five) houses that she lived in right here on ED. Very excited to see those images since neither house still exists.

I'm looking forward to the new site. I wish I had the skills to offer help.

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