705 N. Queen St.

35.998107, -78.893847

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(Below in italics is from the 2009 National Register listing; not verified for accuracy by this author.)

This one-story, three-bay, triple-pile house has a single-pile high hip-roofed block. The house has stuccoed brick pier and curtain foundation and an interior corbelled brick chimney. It is covered with vinyl siding and has an asphalt-shingled, high hipped roof with a gable centered on the front facade. The hip-roofed front porch extends across the fac╠žade and is supported by turned posts with a replacement modern wood rail. Vinyl windows are nine-over-six and six-over-six replacements with several six-over-six original wood windows on the side elevation and the front door is a modern replacement. Earliest known residents are Isaac Brown (junk dealer) in 1919 and Michael Margolis (grocer) in 1924. His widow, Mrs. Cecelia Margolis, lived here through the 1930s.

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