606 Holloway Street

35.994347, -78.890457

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606 Holloway, 1964.

610 Holloway, 1964.

606 and 610 Holloway St. were both connected with the Ferrell family; 610 Holloway was the older of the two houses, likely built around 1870 or 1880. It was originally located at 520 Holloway but was moved to 610 by James Ferrell so that he could build the Moore-Umstead house at that location. Ferrell also built the house at 606 Holloway for his adopted son around the turn of the century.

Around that time, both houses became associated with members of the Pollard family, who were partners in Pollard Bros. hardware, located at 120 West Main St. John Pollard initially lived at 606 Holloway, but his son Harvey, vice-president and general manager of the Waverly Ice Cream Co. lived here after 1925. Ambrose Pollard and, later, James Pollard (who went on to run another hardware store, Taylor and Phipps.)

The houses survived into the 1980s, but suffered from significant neglect.


606 Holloway, looking south, 1970s
(State Historic Preservation Office)


610 Holloway, looking south, 1970s
(State Historic Preservation Office)

They were torn down sometime between the early 80s and the late 1990s. What appear to be four townhouses were built on these lots.


If I'm not mistaken, those "townhouses" were built by a City of Durham program or at least with the help of city funding. Affordable housing!


I believe you are right, but I didn't have time to confirm that. There are two more lots to the east (they are very odd shaped/subdivided lots if you look on the GIS) that are still owned by the city - good ol' Lamont "Super Shower" Ewell, trustee.

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