512-516 East Pettigrew

35.989463, -78.897165

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Looking southwest, ~1970.
(Courtesy Durham County Library / North Carolina Collection)

Looking east down the south side of East Pettigrew St., ~1970.
(Courtesy Durham County Library / North Carolina Collection)

A set of storefronts were built between 512 and 516 East Pettigrew apparrently in the 1920s. It's not clear to me when these were replaced with the building pictured above, but based on a subtle change in the addresses, it appears to have occurred around 1950.
At that point, the multi-tenant building at 512-516 East Pettigrew housed Quality Food Mart, the Dreamland Shoe Shine Parlor, and Kapp's Sport Shop.

Quality Food Market 1950 opening newspaper blurb with photos of three clerks

The Quality Food Market's Grand Opening took place November 17 and 18, 1950 with three of the clerks shown in this Ccarolina Times newspaper blurb: Curtis Caldwell, Ben Taylor, and David Carrington, Jr.

By the late 1950s, the tenants were Bull City Watch and Repair, Taste-Rite bakery, the Dreamland shoe shine parlor, and Quality Food Mart. By the early 1960s, Bull City Watch had moved west to 510 East Pettigrew and was replaced by The Bee Hive, a clothes store. It closed by 1968, leaving Quality Food and the Dreamland. The building appears to have been demolished before 1972.

Looking southeast, 09.04.08

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It's actually a pretty interesting circa-1950 structure, though!

Like the new "Find this spot on a Google Map" feature, btw! Perspective is always good for figuring out where the heck one is...


I wish beef kidneys were still such a bargain. :-)

Off subject but has anyone heard about recent efforts by NIS to stabilize/rehab condemned houses instead of doing demolition? I heard some rumors of this recently and wonder if anyone knows what the truth is.


Is there a way to contact you offline?

Ginny Martin

Gary - on a post a couple weeks ago, you asked if I knew where the other two Nance's restaurants were. I just talked to someone who still lives there and was told the BBQ place was on Morreene (sp) Rd. She did not recall the exact address.

It was where they built the ugly warehouse.

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Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, in order to send you an e-mail, I have to know my incoming server and my outgoing server. Ask me a question I know! How about beta blockers or A1C's,or work related injuries in NC, I can chatter on forever. Just don't ask me about servers, I know nothing. Can you give me another clue?

Ginny Martin

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