428 South Driver Street

35.981307, -78.878594

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(Below in italics is from the 2004 East Durham National Register listing; not verified for accuracy by this author.)

2-story side-gable I-House with a front gable, 9-over-9 sash windows, and a front shed porch. Alterations include replacement weatherboard, a rooftop cupola, and large brick porch posts that are integrated into a brick wall that encloses the small front yard. 1913 SM. 1930-1940 CDs: Robt. A. Tippitt owner/occupant (car repair).

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What an interesting house. It seems like late 19th- century in some ways, but without city-styled italianate windows plus the addition of the flared columns, I am guessing more likely early 20th century. However, the cupola intrigues me. What's up wit' dat? Was it originally louvered for ventilation or is it simply stylish? Almost suggestive of the Cupola House in Edenton, just way less. Maybe a late-victorian-working class/industrial version:-)

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