306 Gray Ave. - Louis Gladstein House

35.999045, -78.893544

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Three brothers from Kiev, Moses, Samuel, and Louis Gladstein were part of the early Jewish immigration to Durham. Moses came to Durham to work in the cigarette business, and established a 5 and 10 cents store / dry goods store on East Main Street by the 1890s and Louis and Samuel Gladstein had established a clothing store (L&S Gladstein at 108 East Main Street) by the first decade of the 20th century.  (Louis was born in 1880, Samuel in 1883.)

The Gladsteins all lived along Pine Street in the late 19th and early 20th century (still there in 1907) - the early focus for Jewish settlement in Durham. This area became more predominantly African-American in the 1910s-1920s, and Jewish families (as well as Greek families) moved into the area between North Roxboro and Holloway Streets. By 1915, Moses lived at 608 North Roxboro, Louis at 306 Gray, and Sam at 309 Gray. By 1919, Sam is listed at 307 Gray. All are listed as working at Moses Gladstein dry goods at 108 East Main. In the 1920s, Moses 

By the 1940s, Louis had moved to 807 North Mangum, and had a store at 1112 Angier Avenue. He died in 1943. His son Melvin went on to open Gladstein's clothing at 207-209 North Mangum.




Can you explain the change in name from Goldstein to Gladstein?

Yes, I can certainly explain it - typo.

Fixed - thanks


There are 4 identical houses like this on that one block of Gray Ave. There are also 2 newer infill buildings sandwiched in between them, which makes me suspect that there could have been 2 more of these houses there at one time. It's nice to see at least a bit of the inside. I believe this house is currently for sale, as is at least one of its sibling houses. These houses are really in pretty decent shape (by neighborhood standards). There is also a cool old brick sidewalk in front a stretch of several houses, this one included. This is a nice quiet block of Gray Ave with other lovely historic homes; it could use some new folks in the vacant houses. It is on the edge of the Cleveland Holloway neighborhood.

We have recently purchased the Gladstein house. This house has so much potential and the bones are good. There is quite a bit of original detail that remains in the home and we look forward to restoring much of the detail to its former glory.
Maureen you are correct. Gray Ave is a lovely quiet street with great neighbors.

I am named for my grandfather Louis who died in 1943 and am delighted that his home is being rehabilitated. Born and raised in Durham, I am excited to see the downtown come alive and regain its earlier prominence. Congratulations, Tia, on bringing life back to the old neighborhood.

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