207 North Dillard Street

35.993765, -78.894553

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Dillard St., otherwise known as "Mansion Row" contained more modest structures at the northwest extreme, and generally more elaborate structures on the east side of the 200 block, and on both sides of the 100 block near East Main St.

The west side of the 200 block of N. Dillard contained a commercial structure on the southwest corner of N. Dillard and Holloway, and larger structures to the south. Many of these had become rooming houses by the 1960s.

207 N. Dillard, 1963

This entire block was demolished in the late 1960s by urban renewal. In 1977, WTVD bought the block to build their Fortress of Solitude - where, if they close their eyes reeeeeaaaally tight and click their heels, they can almost believe they are in Raleigh.

Looking northwest at 450 feet of 8 foot tall fence, 2007.

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