1920 Perry Street

36.007812, -78.921914

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1920 Perry Street may have been the earliest non-mill-related masonry commercial structure built in West Durham, constructed prior to 1907. By the 1920s, the building housed the Andrews Furniture Store., and by the 1930s, the upstairs, accessed through a stair on the left side of the building, housed the United Textile Workers (AFL Local 257), and the Int'l Assoc of Machinists Lodge No. 721. By the 1950s, the downstairs housed Bell VE and Sons Air Conditioners.

Perry St., 1980.

As of 2009, the upstairs houses Cosmic Cantina, which has been producing burritos here since the late 1990s. The downstairs initially opened as the Cosmic Lounge, an accompaniment to the food upstairs with music, bar, etc. that closed after a year or two. There seem to have been several short-lived attempts to restart something similar on the first floor, but it currently remains shuttered.

1920 Perry St., 04.05.09

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always thought it was lame how that sidewalk strip is full of ugly trash bins 7 days a week and often has 3 ft high weeds growing.


Some of these retailers are morons. Can't figure out the whole curb appeal thing. They wonder why people don't want to deal with fly-buzzing trash cans on the way into their shops or restaurant!

Mmmm. Cosmic Cantina.

i will revive the cosmic lounge

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