1917 Cecil Street

35.973441770045, -78.90695211325

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(January 2018, Photo by Cheri Szcodronski, hmwPreservation)  

This one-story, side-gabled, Minimal Traditional-style house is four bays wide and double-pile with the right (southeast) two bays located under a slightly lower roofline. The house has a brick veneer, six-over-six wood-sash windows, flush eaves, rectangular louvered gable vents, and an interior brick chimney. The entrance, located near the center of the façade, is a two-light-over- four-panel door sheltered by an aluminum awning on decorative metal posts. To its left (northwest) is a front-facing exterior brick chimney on the façade. A side-gabled porch on the left elevation is enclosed with jalousie windows and has asbestos siding in the gable. A later, full-width, gabled rear wing has a different color of brick veneer and high, aluminum-framed slider windows. Entrances on the right elevation of the main section and the left elevation of the rear ell are both sheltered by aluminum awnings on decorative metal posts. A low stone wall extends along the west side of the driveway. County tax records date the house to 1946 and the earliest known occupants are Lanzer J. McCall, an employee at Liggett and Myers, and his wife, Delois E. McCall, in 1950.

On August 21, 1946, J.F. Williams and Isadora Gray Williams sold the lot to Lanzer J. and Deloris E. McCall, where they lived for many years.  Kelvin G. Walker and his wife, Ingrid L. Walker, sold the property to Patricia Poole Broyles on June 21, 1962.  Mechanics and Farmers Bank, executor of Delois E. Walker McCall, sold the property to Levi Spencer and his wife, Robert I. Spencer, on October 9, 1991.   The Spencers sold the property to Leon Earles and his wife, Flora Earles, on July 24, 1992.

Leon and Flora Earles, with Gerald E. Earles, attorney-in-fact, conveyed the property to Kelvin Walker on March 31, 1994.  On March 19, 2011, Patricia Poole Broyles conveyed her interest to the property to Marietta Poole Taylor.  Marietta Poole Taylor owns and resides in the house.

All of the transactions regarding this property were within the family.



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