1404 Angier Avenue - Standard Oil Company

35.984596, -78.8866

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1404 Angier Avenue, 05.14.11     Built by the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey between 1928 and 1934, the bulk oil plant at 1404 Angier Avenue consists of two 'Deco-Industrial' buildings, storage tanks, and a fueling station.  
1937 Sanborn      By 1955, the company is listed as "Esso Standard Oil Company". It's currently owned by the Unity Oil Company.    Currently owned by the Unity Oil Company, I'm not clear whether Carolina Biodiesel operates out of this location or not - they are listed here online, but have no sign presence out on Angier Avenue.   


Bull City Biodiesel used to be located on this property. In 2008-09, I pumped the "good juice" quite a few times from under the canopy shown in the first picture on this post. They later moved to a different location a short distance away, off of Cross St. http://bullcitybiodiesel.org/directions.html I haven't been to the new location, but my best guess is that it is located on this parcel (with the address of 1500 Vale St): http://gisweb.durhamnc.gov/GoMaps/map/Index.cfm?parcel_id=112066

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