1303 East Main Street

35.986812, -78.886409

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Although this house gets lumped with 1301 E. Main Street in tax records and in the Historic Inventory, the two were in no way connected originally as far as I can gather from records. The house next door was built around 1905, but this house was built a little over a decade later. It doesn't show up on the 1913 Sanborn map but starts showing up in CDs around 1925. 

The first steady business to be housed here was EG Bowden + Bros, furniture repairmen, in 1928.

Throughout the 1930s and part of the 1940s this was the home to Cadmus W. Hoffter (also spelled Hoffler in other records). I would love to know if this shop had a striped barber pole. 

In the late 1940s and early 1950s the barber shop was changed into a grocery store ran by Benjiman R. Dodson. From the late 1950s through at least the mid 1960s the building again turned back to being a barbershop and was called Mary's Salon of Beauty. 

At some point the false parapet facade of the storefront was removed. From a different angle you can see exactly how teeny tiny this building really is. 

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