1209 N. Roxboro St.

36.004179, -78.893015

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1980 (Old North Durham Architecture Slides, Durham County Library)


This house belonged to my great-grandparents: David William Long (b. 29 Jan 1877 - d. 24 Jan 1952) and Blanche Gooch Long (b. 24 Mar 1882 - d. 3 Nov 1953) . The house was sold after they died. He was a carpenter and at one time ran a saw mill and cotton gin. When the house was sold, it was left with either a Model A or Model T Ford parked in the garage/shop out back. Also left in the shop was a large set of block planes. There was also some furniture left inthe house. It seems like I remember mentioned a china cabinet full of glassware. When the house was remodeled in the 1980's, I took their daughter, my grandmother, to see it. I picked up some of the broken colored glass (mostly green, amber, and blue) seen in the upstairs window in the older photo. I still have it. My family remarked about that window many timew when we rode by. There was a large tree to the left of the front door in the front yard that could be accessed by the roof according to my father. The house was sold years before I was born, so I never got to go in it back then. All I saw were open walls and saw horses the one time I entered.

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