119 North Dillard Street

35.993194, -78.895118

Cross Street
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119 North Dillard Street was an infill structure built on the southwest corner of N. Dillard and Liberty Street, ~1930, roughly 20 years after the development of the houses to its north and south.

Above, looking northwest up N. Dillard St. from near East Main, 1944. 119 North Dillard is visible on the left, in the background, beyond 115 N. Dillard (with the columns).

It was likely built by / for Reuben O. Everett, father of Robinson Everett. Everett

The houses in this block were torn down during the late 1960s via urban renewal. Likely during the 1970s or 1980s, Durham County built a social services building at this location. Urban Ministries, which had been established on adjacent land in 1985 as a joint operation between several churches that acted as a landlord for local non-profits, expanded to take over this building. The center became the home of two merged homeless shelters during the 1990s, and the facility expanded again in 2000-2001.

Their street frontage along Dillard is the popular style in East Downtown - Fortressian with a hint of Bunkeresque Revival.

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