114 Hunt St.

36.000177, -78.897813

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My parents bought this building in about 1985. It was remodeled and Phillips Electric Co. of Durham, Inc. was located here. I went to work for the business in 1987 full time after highschool. In 1990, we opened a new division, Product Recovery Management. I vividly remember every detail of the house. There was a small block building in the back where we worked out of for a few year before moving to a larger place on Broadway street adjacent to this property. If memory serves, I think we sold the property to Greenfire around 2003. I pulled the tank you see in the picture with a small backhoe we bought in 1999 and it was one of my first tank pulls. Don't worry, the tank was not leaking. I even filed the proper closure report with the State. My grandfather was born just a few houses down the street from this house.

I spent my teenage years in this house! I remember walking up the street to Ward's Produce (I think) on the corner. Also walked down to the corner of five points where my uncle owned a sandwich shop. There was also a poolroom (which used to be a five-and-dime) on Mangum Street. Snuck in and played pool there. Bought my first car while living in this house. I was 16 years old and saved the money up from odd jobs.It was a 1952 Plymouth. Paid $200 for it and found out I over paid...it was straight drive and had a coat hanger with a loop on it sticking out of the dash that was used as a manual choke! Ah, the good old days...

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